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Maximize Revenue

Maximize Revenue

Your billing operations have a direct and critical impact on your financial success. One of your most important decisions is determining your ‘billing’ gatekeeper. Are you proficient with all revenue cycle management functions, or would you financially benefit by outsourcing your billing functions to a team of experts? Apply our Signature and we’ll optimize your revenue cycle functions, so you can achieve a healthier cash flow.

We utilize a dedicated team with the expertise to quickly understand your claim adjudication process as well as your practice’s individual contractual terms. It’s important to quickly identify (1) the submitted claims still not paid beyond the contracted time frame, before they reach the timely filing limit (2) if you’re being paid in compliance with your contracted fee schedules, and (3) the root cause of your denials. It also imperative to properly handle all appeals and identify all underpaid claims.

Experiencing confusion between patients and office staff about ‘what’s owed at time of visit’? Experiencing confusion over what’ll be ‘owed later’? Do you have a large ‘patient balance due’ issue? We can monitor (as well as prepare & mail) your monthly patient statements and work hand-in-hand with your collection agency to maximize your cash flow.

If you are like most practices, over thirty percent (30.0%) of your patients do not pay anything at the time-of-service; nearly half (49.0%) of all providers do not have the ability to calculate a patient’s financial responsibility, beyond co-payment, until after a claim is processed. As a result, many office staffs are not able to keep their accounts receivable within the standard of ‘42 days’. Let us help!

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