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What You Need to Know About Billing for Telemedicine Visits

What You Need to Know About Billing for Telemedicine Visits

What You Need to Know About Billing for Telemedicine Visits

Now more than ever before, many physicians and medical professionals are planning for telemedicine visits in order to check on the health of their patients.  In order to avoid the risks of exposure to germs and viruses, telemedicine has been a great alternative in the health care field.  However, many people that are used to their regular in-person checkups and routine practice with their doctor may be confused about how they will be billed for this type of checkup.  As a professional company that offers medical billing services, we assist our physicians and medical practices with their billing during this time of prevalent telemedicine visits.  There are a few things you need to know about billing for telemedicine visits.

Most Insurance Companies Cover Telemedicine Visits

Many of your patients may be concerned whether their insurance will cover these visits.  In short, most of the major private payers will cover telemedicine, but you should urge your patients to check with their provider.  This will help them avoid any surprising medical bills they are unprepared for.  Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, and United Healthcare will all cover telemedicine visits for those who have their plans.

Rules Are Constantly Changing

When it comes to telemedicine, it has never been as prevalent and widely-used as it has been over these past several months in 2020.  This means that the rules surrounding these visits are always evolving or changing.  Insurance companies are always changing their policies, so you'll want to stay up to date on this information as best as possible.

Become Familiar with Telemedicine Guidelines First

Many types of insurance cover different aspects of the medical process, and you'll want to check with the telemedicine guidelines and coverages before your appointments.  This will help you provide the patient with the best and most affordable medical care for them.  You should have a basic knowledge of what providers can bill for these visits, what is covered, what is restricted, and how many visits each patient is covered for.  

Know the Proper Way to Bill

Telemedicine will require different codes that will allow the insurance companies to accept this type of visit.  Without the right documentation or codes, insurance may deny the coverage.  The easiest way to know what codes are eligible is to pick up the phone and contact the insurance provider to ask them any questions you may have.

These are just a few facts to help familiarize yourself with some of the changes in billing when you meet your patient over a conference call instead of in-person.  Although telemedicine has seen much success over the last few months, there is still nothing like being able to assess patients and diagnose them in person. If you are looking for assistance with your medical billing services, especially during this time of unprecedented changes, we are the company for us.  Contact us to hear about the range of quality medical billing services we offer.