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Reasons People Don't Pay Their Medical Bills

Reasons People Don't Pay Their Medical Bills

Reasons People Don't Pay Their Medical Bills

When many people get their medical bills in the mail, they often shuffle them to the side.  Then the bills sit neglected in a pile for a length of time or until the next reminder bill comes.  This is the vicious cycle that many medical practices and doctors' offices try to fight in order to keep their practices profitable.  Sometimes, they need to acquire the assistance of medical billing services to help get their patients to pay their bills.  There are a few common reasons why people don't pay their medical bills in a timely manner.

Requires a Large Payment

When most people get their medical bills, they could suffer from immediate sticker shock.  They see a large number, and that may make them push the bill to the side to try to avoid payment.  Many health care procedures, tests, and appointments do not disclose the cost of treatment at the time they are receiving it.  This can surprise or even blindside people when it comes time for payment.  When people are unsure of exactly how they are going to pay their large medical bills, they often just don't pay them.

Erroneous or Confusing Bills

Sometimes, the medical bills may not take into account the amount of payment that the insurance covered.  This could lead to errors in billing statements and payments asked of patients. Also, you may also receive multiple bills that make payments services confusing.  When you need both the treatment from the doctor and then testing from a diagnostic facility, you will see two separate bills even though you only had one appointment with them.  These confusing bills can lead to neglect in payment.

Waiting for Your Paycheck

Medical bills can get tossed aside when you are waiting for your next paycheck to get deposited into your bank account.  Perhaps you don't have enough money to cover your medical bill at the time you receive the bill, so you set it aside to wait for money.  This can lead to forgetfulness and neglect of the actual payment.

The Billing System

Often times, health care facilities and medical practices will simply bill the insurance instead of the individual patient, or vise versa.  This can lead to a confusing billing process for the patient.  It can also lead to incorrect statements or multiple bills.  These can then be difficult to settle, simply because patients are unaware of the actual amount of money they owe after insurance pays their part.  This can then lead to more unpaid medical bills over time.

These are just a few of the main reasons why people don't pay their medical bills on time or at the time of service.  Medical practices often have difficulty settling up with patients, which can lead to decreased revenue for these businesses.  When you are having trouble getting your patients to pay their medical bills, you want to hire medical billing services to help receive payments.  Contact us today to get started and increase your profits.