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5 Common Medical Billing Problems

5 Common Medical Billing Problems

5 Common Medical Billing Problems

If you are a medical doctor, then you may worry that your staff or service is making medical billing errors. At worse, these errors can end up with you facing large fines. At best, they are an aggravation that delays you getting the money that you need to continue to operate your practice and take care of your family.


Improper Coding

Using the wrong codes can cause claims to be denied or payments declined. While there are very few doctors that do this intentionally, most improper coding incidences happen by mistake. Common examples include when you or someone employed by you enter a code for a procedure that you did not do, or they enter the code for inpatient care when you saw the patient in your office.



Insurance companies expect some procedures to be done together. Then, they want a small discount on each service. If a practice builds for services separately that should be bundled together, then the claim may get denied. Therefore, it is important to work with medical billing services that can recognize when these errors occur before the claim is even submitted so that payments can be received in a timely manner.


Balance Billing

If your medical billing service also sends bills to your patients, then they can sometimes mistakenly bill the patient for discounts negotiated by the insurance company. Since most doctors care deeply about their patients, this is a bad business practice because many patients will pay the balance without realizing what happened. Even worse, they may change providers or stop seeing doctors altogether believing that they cannot afford care.


Duplicate Billing

One of the most common problems with medical billing is duplicate billing. This usually occurs when procedures are not clear about who is going to submit the bill. Then, the insurance company gets confused, and they deny all the bills slowing down your revenue getting to you. You should have clear policies in your practice about who is going to submit the paperwork to the medical billing company and let them take it from there.


Human Errors

While it would be outstanding if no one ever made a mistake, that is simply unrealistic. People are going to make mistakes. Even a great medical coding company will make a mistake about three percent of the time, but they should have technology in effect to help them discover errors. Furthermore, they should be checking their denials every day and quickly getting incorrect bills resubmitted.


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